Retaining Walls


A beautiful retaining wall makes a big difference in your backyard.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls don't have to be mearly practical. However we've built quite a few engineered walls supporting drive-ways, parking lots, house, etc. Normally when the wall height exceeds 4ft., we get an engineer involved to design proper footing, drainage, etc. These walls normally require a permit from the city or the county. 

TEQC Inc, can build a retaining wall that will add to the aesthetics of your landscape, and even improve it! So why ley just any company throw up a boring cement wall? Let us give you a garden or a waterfall! Bottom line: Others will give you a wall that will make your eyes sore...but we'll give you a "sight for sore eyes".  

We can manufacture a wooden, (redwood or P.T. lumber retaining wall). The life expectancy is 20-25 years. If you want longer lasting product go with concrete blocks with rebar and face the wall with stucco, stone and cap it with brick or stone. There are some dry stack products available for smaller or even larger walls, such as Basalite, Keystone, Versalok or Oldcastle, etc. 


In any case we would recommend installing a French drainage behind the wall. A filter fabric, perforated pipe and drain rock. Also we install clean outs so once a year you can flush the pipes. On the masonry walls we install weep holes, just like those used in Europe on the centuries-old walls.

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