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Fences have a wide range of uses, and cover every possible type of ground that exists. Not all fences are stationary, but if you want one that is going to be permanent structure, TEQC Inc, is the company ti turn too. 

We have the materials and know how to build you a fence that will meet your needs now, and the time to come, with minimal or no maintenance. 

For fences we use redwood most of the time. Either Construction Heart quality or Construction Common quality. The difference between the two is Construction Heart has fewer knots inside, and also no sapwood. In the past few years, Cedar has been reintroduced to California because it is more affordably priced product. For fences posts, we recommend pressure treated lumber or steel. For gate posts, we still like to use redwood, because redwood will not deform over the years to come. Notice the header above most of our gates. Installing a simple header, I can assure you the gate we install will work for years to come.

This is important, because in California 90% of residential gates don't work after or two due to a bad design or poor quality workmanship.

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