Think of your decks made out of wood! Reliable and cost effective.


TEQC Inc, is so good with decks you'll think we're miracle workers! We can do decks of all shapes and sizes, including split level and ones requiring stairs. We also use the most modern decking materials, some of which involve recycled materials, allowing us to give you a "green" deck that will allow you to stay mold and wrap free for decades. We have built engineer's decks in the hills of Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, El Cerrito and in San Francisco as well. 

Redwood is a great quality wood for outdoor decks. Construction Heart. Heart B or Clear A quality are different grades of redwood that we use. We are very familiar with tropical wood products as well, like mahagony, ipe, mangaris, Brazilian rosewood, etc. I have used them all before to build extraordinary decks in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Every time we secure the boards we use screws only, never nails. We also use hidden fasteners, appropriate for grooved decking products. 

For Substructure we always use Pressure Treated (PT) Lumber, which comes in two different qualities. The first one is a Hemlock Fir, mostly available at Home Depot and Lowe's. The second one is made out of Douglas Fir, ACQ treated to make it more environmentally friendly.

Douglas Fir, ACQ treated lumber has a life-expectancy of 40+years versus Hemlock Fir, 20+years. The cost difference is minimal between the two so it makes sense to use Douglas Fir for a substructure. That's why we buy our lumber from Ashby Lumber or Dolan's Lumber, which are local lumber companies. We like to support our local lumber yard with our business. In the 21st Century there are more and more man made products available for installation. Azek, Timbertech and Trex are just a few of the engineered composite or PVC products that we use. Any of the above decking materials are good. Since they have no knots, no splinters and almost maintenance free. These product's life-expectancy is claimed to be 40+years by the manufactures. Most of them have lifetime warranties which is transferable upon the sale of your property. That is why it is important to use the proper substructure.

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