From classic to modern style bathrooms. We can do it all!

Bathroom Remodels

Quality in bathrooms has a lot to do with plumbing. You don't want to deal with toilets that won't flush, or drains that back up in the tub or shower. At Tib's European Quality Construction, whether you're remodeling or adding a bathroom, we only use the best materials, which results in working fixtures. 

If you're remodeling your bathroom, we can make it look fabulous, regardless of how good or bad it looks now. We can add or remove windows and skylights, put in new or antique tubs, skins, toilets and vanities. Tile work is no problem either. We can even handle special patterns, be they on the floor or wall. 

If you're wanting to do a bathroom as an addition, we can work within the defined space of your home, or increase your home's area. 

Whatever you're looking for in a bathroom, new or old, large or small, we can do it all... and do it right the first time - on time! So when thinking bathrooms, think TEQC Inc.

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